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Future of Work - Guest Speaker: John Healy

At our February 3rd meeting we hosted a special guest, John Healy, a longtime workforce solutions leader, expert, and trusted advisor on the Future of Work. Through December of 2020 Healy had a 25+ year career at Kelly, including serving as VP and Managing Director, Office of the Future of Work. He continues this focus as Chair of the Blockchain Taskforce at the World Employment Confederation, Chief Executive of Whrrr.work, and now as Managing Partner and Expert in Residence at the Center for the Transformation of Work.

John shared with us his latest thinking on the future of work, and facilitated a discussion with WPE members on the call. See the PDF of the meeting slides for a lot of great research that John shared. Here are the responses to the three poll questions we asked during the call:

What are the top priorities for your business in 2022? (30 participants)

  • 60% Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • 53% Workforce Readiness
  • 50% Growth
  • 37% Digital Transformation
  • 20% Environmental, Social, and Governance

What are the biggest challenges facing your workforce planning goals in 2022? (31 participants)

  • 58% Effective and accessible people analytics data sets
  • 48% The Great Resignation (re-shuffling)
  • 35% Culture
  • 29% Budget; Resources to execute
  • 19% Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • 19% Hybrid/Flexible Work Environments

What operational priorities represent the greatest opportunity for your organization? (21 participants)

  • 57% Leverage a broader Talent Ecosystem
  • 43% People Analytics
  • 43% Learning & development/Upskilling
  • 43% (re)Defining workforce readiness
  • 38% Deploying a talent marketplace
  • 33% Deconstructing work into tasks and skills
  • 29% Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • 29% Hybrid/Flexible Working environment
  • 29% Culture
  • 19% Employer Brand
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