Toronto CHRO Forum: ChatGPT and Generative AI - What HR Leaders Should Know

ChatGPT dominates the business news cycle for good reason. Its underlying technology, generative AI, is creating the 4th industrial revolution. Are you ready to lead strategic conversations about AI and the future of work at your organization? 

 Join us at the June 14 Toronto CHRO Forum to explore the power and the perils of artificial intelligence. i4cp’s Director of Research Enablement, Judy Albers, will dive into the fascinating world of AI and its immense potential. We’ll discuss

 What’s Generative AI?

  • What problems does AI solve for HR?
  • How does AI change the future of work?
  • How is HR using AI?       
  • What are the risks, and who’s addressing them?
  • How HR should move forward responsibly
  • How can I get my AI skills up to speed?

 By the end of this session, you will have the knowledge and confidence to engage in informed conversations about ChatGPT.

As a reminder, the Toronto CHRO Forum – co-hosted by i4cp and The Talent Company – is open exclusively to senior HR executives. To encourage open dialogue and collaboration, vendors, and consultants are not permitted.