We have an interactive agenda planned and encourage each of you to think about 1 – 2 things you can share with each other based on the agenda (see ideas of Examples below).   

We are also pleased to announce and introduce several new TA leaders to our Board. Love the depth and diversity we’ve added with Lynsey Wherry from General Mills, Elizabet Majoch from Genentech, Andrea Kain from Mondelez and Bridgette Dean from Lockheed Martin. Each will take 2 -3 minutes at the beginning of next week’s call to introduce themselves, their TA organizations and the focus of their work for 2021. 

In partnership, 

Mark & Lorrie 


December 16th Agenda:


  • Welcome
  • Introduction of New Members
    • General Mills – Lynsey Wherry
    • Genentech – Elizabeth Majoch
    • Mondelez – Andrea Kain
    • Lockheed Martin – Bridgette Dean
  • Diversity survey results – Board discussion leader - Elin Thomasian (Prudential)
    • Review Survey Findings
    • Key questions on topics including:
      • Disclosures
      • Aspirational Goals
      • Creating TA & Leadership accountability
    • Request for Examples to share within Board
      • Tech & Tools for enhancing inclusion and debiasing the candidate experience
      • Any specific models for technical/engineering hiring
      • Dashboards that highlight diversity
      • Goals set for 2021 or longer
  • Discussion of Top Priorities from TA Board leaders (and CHRO Board leaders)
    • Diversity representation: sourcing, attracting, engaging with, equitable slates, hiring, etc. (6 of 9 mentioned diversity; 2 mentioned tech/digital talent)
    • Technology enablement: optimizing what they have for improved processes, enhancing systems, digital-driven sourcing, adding AI and automation, etc. (7 of 9 mentioned variations of tech stack, ATS, automation)
    • Metrics capability: building capacity for analytics for better decision making/ data-led talent strategies
    • Employer branding: candidate experience, employee experience, internal talent marketplace


    • Priority discussion for January through June 2021
      • Topics to cover?
      • Board Members to help lead?
  • Schedule for 2021 meetings
  • Closing




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