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Retaining Hourly Talent, EVP Activation, and College Recruiting

Thanks for making time to connect and learn from each other at the February meeting.  It’s wonderful to add Lisa from PepsiCo to an already world class group of leaders!  There were productive discussions from the group on:

  1. Attraction Strategies for hourly and non-exempt talent
    1. Discussed several variables that make this happen.  Comp strategies, Technology, Flexible work design and more.
    2. We will dedicate more time to this at the March 13th meeting in AZ.  If you haven’t signed up for the i4cp conference, you can REGISTER HERE.
  2. EVP activation
    1. @Kopping, Britt (member) – thanks for being willing to share your one-page guide for Executives on being ambassadors for the Employer Brand!
  3. College Recruiting
    1. Many reported feeling behind their hiring goals for college recruiting and that they are returning actively to campus for the Fall (several have already been on campus).
    2. Technology investment seems to be a concern, especially alternatives to Handshake. 

Several other hot topics rose to the top, including TA structure and Internal Talent Marketplaces.  Melissa, Lorrie and I will be detailing our March 13 agenda soon.  Volunteers to help provide insights into your TA approaches on these subjects are most welcome!

In the meantime, check out the sharing from Microsoft, Facebook and Walmart on TA structure.

More to follow.

Be well!

Mark Walker

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