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The Year in Review - Performance Management Exchange

In our last session of the year, looked back to discuss how our organizational approaches to performance management have changed over the year, and what strategies are being planned for the year ahead.

Top 4 things we explored.

Things we tried in 2022. It’s crazy how many commonalities we found from the breakout group, including:

  • Simplification of check-ins.
  • Converting systems.
  • Creating efficiencies and standardization.
  • Increasing use of multi-rater performance assessment systems.


Current and future challenges. If you’re looking for a group of practitioners that just “get it”, look no further than this group. We expressed common challenges we are all dealing with such as:

  • Tight labor markets and resource constraints.
  • Economic uncertainties and upcoming budget cuts.
  • Overwhelming number of priorities for HR.
  • Leader bandwidth and overcoming burnout.


Upcoming priorities in 2023. This is shaping up to be a great year ahead. Members of the community are focused on things such as:

  • Creating energizing employee communications and nudges to ask for feedback, talk to managers, etc.
  • Simplified, unified messaging across the organization that feels personalized to the end user.
  • Aligning processes with the company purpose and ensuring technology supports the process (rather than the other way around).
  • Balancing the affects of short-term economic downturns with long-term aspirations and opportunities for the company.


Additional support through the Expert Network and Flash Calls. Outside of our Exchange meetings, this group has had fruitful conversations on the i4cp website. Check these out.

The Performance Management Exchange focuses on discussing the valuable ways that talent and reward leaders are making this possible through:

  • simplified, nimble approaches to setting priorities and accountabilities
  • purposeful ways that people and teams should collaborate
  • principles of safe and engaging feedback
  • recognition and reward of exemplary performance
  • career tracks and interesting projects / growth opportunities
This meeting is exclusively for members of the Performance Management Exchange. If you'd like to participate, please contact us to see if you qualify. If you are an i4cp member, please log in to access the registration/meeting details.
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