HERO EEE 2024 APR16 EXTransformation

Managing Employee Experience while Navigating Transformation - Employee Experience Exchange

Managing change while shifting the employee experience is not easy. During periods of uncertainty, is important to consider employee engagement and morale and to apply powerful tools (like personas) to understand and address the diverse needs and concerns of employees. How do teams incorporate employee experience design tools with formalized change management strategies? Where does change management stop and employee experience begin?

Members are invited to share the employee experience strategies, tools, and interventions they use to navigate periods of change and uncertainty successfully.


  • Examples of powerful tools, such as personas, to unlock employee diversity insights
  • Considerations for employing specialized listening measures
  • Strategies for managing the employee experience during organizational transformations
  • Success stories and lessons learned for navigating change and uncertainty

Looking for inspiration before our meeting? Check out these i4cp resources:

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This event is approved for certification credits.