i4cp All Boards Meeting - Cross-functional Discussion on Implications of Trust (and lack of it)

On June 12, members from all of the i4cp Boards (Chief Learning & Talent Officer Board, CHRO Board, CDO Board, Talent Acquisition Board, Future of Work Board, Total Rewards Leader Board, & People Analytics Board) will combine virtually for an interactive, cross-functional discussion on trust.

Theme: Trust Underlies Culture Health, Especially in Trying Times

Trust is a global issue.  In our newest research, The Team Network Effect: How Precision Collaboration Unleashes Productivity, publishing May 29, we talk about the three factors of trust:

1. Dependability-based Trust: Having the confidence that team members will fulfill their responsibilities and commitments to each other. This is the most critical type of trust for enhancing market performance.

2. Competence-based Trust: Having faith in one another's skills and abilities. This trust is important, yet often not cultivated intentionally in team development programs.

3. Benevolence-based Trust: Believing that colleagues have one's best interests at heart. This is the type of trust that leaders most often strive to develop among teams first.

Agenda: Cross-functional Discussion on Implications of Trust (and lack of it)

During the meeting, we'll be joined by i4cp’s Rob Cross,i4cp's SVP of Research and co-author of The Team Network Effect. Rob has studied trust and social capital that enables effective collaboration and has co-authored several HBR articles with Amy Edmondson on psychological safety and trust.  He will take the lead in facilitating a discussion centered around developing these three types of trust. We will:

  • Delve into the relevance and importance of trust in the current world
  • Explore different levels of trust and their significance to each function’s role
  • Encourage members to share their internal research on trust, particularly:
    • How listening strategies are being used or updated
    • What new “people centered” skills are needed
    • How companies are building, strengthening, and maintaining trust in their organizations
    • Impact of trust on morale and productivity
    • Critical indicators that can be tracked.


Prior to the meeting, please take some time to familiarize yourself with a recent article by Kevin Martin, i4cp Chief Research Officer, discussing the significance of trust.  While this article was written for a UK audience, its principles are universally applicable.  Additionally, peruse a recent LinkedIn post by Oscar Munoz, former CEO of United Airlines, emphasizing the pivotal role trust plays within organizations.  He underscores its profound impact on company culture.

The i4cp Boards are reserved exclusively for the most senior HR executives in organizations. Each Board is designed to serve as a true Board of Directors for the function and ensure its members are in the driver seat of organizational innovation.

This meeting is exclusively for members of the Chief Diversity Officer Board, Chief Human Resources Officer Board, Chief Learning & Talent Officer Board, Future of Work Board, People Analytics Board, Talent Acquisition Board, Total Rewards Leader Board. If you'd like to participate, please contact us to see if you qualify. If you are an i4cp member, please log in to access the registration/meeting details.
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