HRBP Development Cohort Alumni Webinar #1: Analytics

We at i4cp are interested in advancing a Community of HR Business Partners to continue the connections, sharing and mutual support you developed in your Cohort experience. 

Following each of the current HRBP Development Cohort Webinars, the alumni will hold a brief lab to discuss the insights and applications presented during the meeting. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the ongoing applications of the practices within your companies, much like you did during your cohort. Additionally, you’ll have an opportunity to share any questions or situations you are working on in your companies for which you’d like to ask the other Alumni for help. There is no cost to participating in this Community.

Our thanks to all those members who attended the initial call for the i4cp HRBP Cohort Alumni Community.  It was good to reconnect with you and to learn how you’ve been coping and managing during this difficult year.  We thought it was a great start to the community with open discussion about sensitive tasks and situations that you’ve had to deal with, both personal and professional over the last several months. 

For those who missed it, we missed you, and look forward to catching up with you on the next call. 

During the call we discussed several issues you all are dealing with at work, and interests you would like to see discussed or explored in future Community calls. To help in our planning we would like your help identifying and prioritizing the topics that are important to you for future meetings of the Alumni Community. We’d also like your thoughts on the frequency of how often you’d like to meet as a group. Please take just two minutes to answer the questions below and offer your comments. 

Please note: as Alumni, you are invited to listen in on the current cohort Discussion Labs. The next Lab is scheduled for September 9, 2020, 12n – 1:30pm EDT. Kevin Wilde will be returning to discuss Moments of Influence for HRBPs, the highest rated session for the previous two Cohorts. 

Next Alumni Meeting:  is scheduled for September 11, 2020, 11:30am – 12:30pm EDT.  Let me know if you don’t already have a meeting invitation on your calendar for this call. 

Thank you in advance for your help planning the Alumni Discussion Topics. Just email me directly and once the responses are compiled I will share the final results with you.

Please select the top 6 topics that would be most helpful to you in your role as HR Business Partner. There is also room at the bottom to add topics that are not listed.


˜       Business Acumen

˜       HR Function & Expertise

˜       Relationship & Interpersonal

˜       Consulting & Influencing

˜       Talent Planning & Risk Management

˜       People Analytics

˜       Future of:  Work / Workforce / Workplace

˜       Future of HR / HR Transformation

˜       Culture Renovation

˜       Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Allyship

˜       Employee Wellbeing, Engagement, Experience

˜       Work From Home / Alternative Work Arrangements

˜       COVID Response & Employer Support

˜       Managing Difficult or Sensitive Employee Situations

˜       Managing Through Organizational Politics

˜       Agility, Balancing, Juggling, Multi-tasking

˜       _____

˜       _____

˜       _____


Please select the frequency of meetings that would best fit your schedule and support your interest / need to connect with your fellow HRBPs.

o   Once per month

o   Once every other month

o   Once per quarter


We look forward to continuing the community discussions on topics that are important to you in your critical role as Human Resource Business Partner.


Kevin J. Copestick, SPHR

Director, Member Services and Programs

Leader – Executive Development Exchange

This meeting is exclusively for members of the HRBP Development Cohort Alumni. If you'd like to participate, please contact us to see if you qualify. If you are an i4cp member, please log in to access the registration/meeting details.
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