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How AI Impacts Well-being in the Workplace - Employee Well-being Exchange

This meeting examined the dynamic relationship between generative AI and well-being in the workplace. We explored the multifaceted ways, both positive and negative, in which generative AI influences the mental and physical health of employees, shaping the modern work experience. In addition: Supporting employees in adapting to AI-driven changes and emphasizing the human-centric aspects of work.

Members shared their strategies for fostering a healthy tech culture, striking a balance that enhances productivity while safeguarding the mental and emotional wellness of their workforces.

Meeting Highlights

SentimentsToward Using Generative AI

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Poll results, gauging sentiment toward AI from different perspectives, found that:

  • Organizations are approaching AI cautiously, with a focus on security and careful implementation.
  • HR teams are leveraging AI as a valuable resource for tasks such as regulatory research, while maintaining a degree of caution.
  • Individuals' personal inclinations towards AI vary, with some embracing it positively for increased productivity and others approaching it more cautiously.

How to Generate Trust & Transparency with GenAI Use

Throughout the discussion, your peers shared insights that promote transparency and trust in their organizations using AI technologies. Takeaways include:

Establish & Communicate Clear Use Policies: Implementing clear acceptable use policies for AI technologies is essential. These policies help regulate AI usage, ensure accountability, and promote transparency within the organization.

Communicate About AI Use: Be transparent about how and when people leaders use AI tools make decisions, especially when it comes to AI that affects performance evaluations, promotions, or hiring. Understanding the criteria and data inputs can reduce fear of bias and uncertainty.

Provide Social Learning Opportunities: Organizations should encourage open dialogue about AI usage, allowing employees to share their experiences and contribute to continuous improvement efforts.Create open spaces for shared learning and support to ease employee anxiety and support confidence in the tools.

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Create Environemtns to Safely Experiment: Encourage employees to explore and propose new ways AI can be beneficially applied in their work areas.

🔍Next Practice In Action: Inuit's AI Readiness and HR Agility Enables Rapid Innocation Experimentation - Intuit created the "GenStudio" to support employee AI experimentation.

Member-Shared Resource: Exploring AI in HR

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Marie Potter, Vice President, Talent & Culture at Getty Images shared a tool that outlines their exploration of AI applications within their HR department.


  • Conduct an assessment of current AI usage to understand existing tools and their applications.
  • Encourage brainstorming sessions to explore potential future applications of AI in various areas.
  • Emphasize transparency and communication to assure employees that AI is intended to enhance their work rather than replace them.


Comments We Heard

"We've been leveraging prompts and challenges as a team, diving into unique roles and tasks in the talent space. It's been a journey of exploration and learning, especially with the assistance of platforms offering tailored questions"

Mentimeter Poll Recap

View the full results of the meeting polls and add your own anonymous responses!

When thinking about the potential impact of GenAI on the World, what camp are you in?

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What guidelines has your organization given employees for how to use AI?

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