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Why Does Work Fluidity Matter to the Future of Work? - Workforce Planning Exchange

Traditional boundaries of work time, space, and roles are dissolving as technology enables remote collaboration, flexible schedules, and dynamic job roles. This trend reflects a more adaptable and interconnected approach to work, emphasizing individual autonomy, skill versatility, and a departure from rigid structures. In this call, members shared how their organizations are designing work fluidity within the context of employees’ work aspirations and projected future business needs.

Meeting Highlights

What is Work Fluidity?

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Thomas Stone, Senior Research Analyst at i4cp spoke to the concept of "work fluidity" in contrast to talent mobility, which involves movement within an organization.

Work fluidity introduces aspects such as the location, schedule, nature, and structure of work, including remote, hybrid, and non-traditional schedules. A live poll to gauge organizational focus took place and found that most organizations are focusing on the "where" element of work fluidity in 2024.

Dow's Design Your Day Guiding Principles

Mariana Mancini, HR Director – Latin America at Dow shared their framework for hybrid work, known as "Design Your Day". This flexible framework empowers employees to design their workdays, balancing office and remote work according to their roles' requirements and personal preferences.

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  • Tailored Framework: Develop a flexible framework that suits your organization's unique needs, considering factors such as industry, workforce distribution, and legal requirements.
  • Empowering Employees: Empower employees to make decisions about where they work, accommodating both operational requirements and individual preferences for work-life balance.
  • Role-Based Flexibility: Implement role-based flexibility, recognizing that certain roles may require physical presence while others can effectively operate remotely or in a hybrid manner.
  • Leadership Guidance: Provide guidance and support for leaders to ensure consistent practices across teams, fostering connection through regular rituals like face-to-face meetings where feasible, and involving HR only when necessary.

Next Practice Case Studies featuring Work Fluidity


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PinFlex: The Future of Work at Pinterest: Pinterest employees are given the option to select their preferred work location, whether it be remote or in their preferred office setting. Additionally, employees are convened in person for pivotal moments that require face-to-face collaboration.

Match & Grow: Igniting Internal Mobility through a Talent Marketplace: Mondel─ôz International offers gigs ranging from 2 to 16 hours per week, with durations extending up to 4 months. They piloted an Internal Talent Marketplace powered by Workday to facilitate these gigs, allowing employees to engage in short-term projects and assignments. moments that require face-to-face collaboration.

How Froedtert Health Uses Technology to Ease Staffing Challenges: The organization utilized CareRev's application, which links healthcare institutions with per diem nurses and other professionals, to address staffing shortages and manage staffing needs efficiently.

Comments We Heard



"We're going to explore gigs through the Workday Career Hub, Talent Marketplace, which is new for us. Formalizing gigs makes opportunities more visible and accessible for employees, democratizing participation across the organization." 

"We implemented Eightfold last September as our Talent Intelligence Platform. It serves as a resource tool, similar to a dating app for projects, facilitating cross-team collaboration and skill matching for internal work parcels. While still in its early stages, the platform emphasizes manager education and project coaching to ensure successful implementation and utilization across the organization."


View resources mentioned during the call. PPT slides can be found on the event page.



Open Talent,
Leveraging the Global Workforce to Solve
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by John Winsor & Jin H. Paik


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