We had a great discussion today on how to build a resilient workforce and organization with Tim Mulligan, CHRO at Vulcan and co-author of "Roar: How to Build a Resilient Organization." His presentation and today’s slides are attached and will be posted tour Meetings page. If you have a resource or tool that you’ve used to support resiliency in your organization, please reply to me to share with your peers. 

Shared Tools:

·       Resilience at Work Assessment (free) 

Key Take-Aways and Best Practices:

·       Workforce resiliency is strategic business imperative that should be addressed at the organizational level and aligned with business objectives (not just an HR initiative)

·       Tim Mulligan outlined the five seeds of resiliency and their application to well-being in today’s work world:

1.     Reclaim self control

    • Self regulate, self manage, control emotions, proactive v reactive
    • Cultivate emotional intelligence
    • Teach mindfulness
    • Encourage quiet time

1.     Realign conditions

    • Embrace health and wellness by taking a holistic perspective on well-being (Ex: Vulcan changed sick day policy to include wellness days and encourage leaders to be transparent in taking a “wellness day” away from work)
    • Encourage protected time (Ex: block everyone’s lunch hour by default)

1.     Reimagine communication

    • Support communication that fosters truth-telling, transparency, vulnerability and positivity
    • Leverage virtual meeting platforms to their fullest and to support team inclusivity
    • Host regular open/unrecorded forums for sharing, like virtual water cooler chats, fun activity virtual events, and morning coffee chats

2.     Renew connections

    • Velcro People to the “Why” by supporting a focus on purpose at the org and individual level
    • Put people at the center of work and find way to honor their strengths
    • Ex: BorgWarner created a “Great Place to Work Team” for every regional group made up of a diverse panel of Site leaders, HR professionals, line supervisors, facilities support, etc. to brainstorm ideas to improve workplace conditions and morale

3.     Rebalance commitments

    • Cultivate strong leaders that support change and evolve to new needs 

Look out for updates on 2021 agenda and invites, and please reach out if there are any desired changes or topics to include! 

Be well, 

Carrie Bevis

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