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Comprehensive Listening Strategies - Employee Experience Exchange

Having a robust employee listening strategy makes a lot of sense: understanding what employees are saying can help you improve corporate culture, benefits, and the overall employee experience--while reducing both organizational and talent risk.

An impressive 86% of companies, according to the i4cp/Fortune study The Talent Imperative, say that employee sentiment is influential in determining their employee value proposition (EVP) offerings.

But how do you collect and analyze that sentiment? Are you truly listening to your employees in a systematic way? Or are you simply scratching the surface of what’s possible? We discussed these questions in our meeting.


Top 4 things we explored.


E.W. Scripp’s Continuous Listening Strategy. Andy Pirruccello, Director of Employee Experience, shared the details behind their strategy which aims to give their employees more agency into their experience with Scripps. View the presentation and download the slides.

Data Gathering. i4cp's research found the most cited approach to EX data gathering is the annual all-employee survey. However, it shows no correlation to market performance or effectiveness in delivering on employee experience. Which approach did show correlation to effectiveness? Exit interviews. Read more in The Essential Metrics of High-Performance Employee Experience.

Employee Listening Integration Diagnostic. Are your employees listened to in an authentic and systematic way? Download the White Paper: Supercharge Your Employee Listening Strategy and access the diagnostic to self-assess your current approach.

Ford’s Employee Sentiment Strategy. Learn how Ford has approached their work to transform its culture in ways that will help achieve its aspiration – to become the world’s most trusted company, delivering smart vehicles for a smart world. Read more about their Ask, Listen, Observe approach.


Tools used by this community.

There are many different technology providers that can support a listening strategy. Here are the tools mentioned by this community.

  • Miro
  • Mentimeter
  • Teams
  • Qualtrics TextIQ
  • Qualtrics XM Discover
  • Glint
  • Great Place to Work®
  • WorkTango
  • Perceptyx


i4cp’s Employee Experience Exchange is a peer-driven working group that explores how to design, operationalize, and scale the moments, attitudes, and behaviors that shape a satisfying employee experience.  The group, consisting of dozens of major employers, seeks to dissect the complex challenges organizations face when developing a comprehensive employee experience strategy—by connecting peers, sharing successes (and failures), and examining the latest research on the topic.

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