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Connected Leaders - Connectivity & Collaboration Community

The collaborative intensity of work has exploded over the past decade, accelerated by the move to remote and hybrid work models, in which more meetings are squeezed into elongated work hours and leaders are expected to engage in omni-channel communication. Today’s leaders must be able to cut through collaboration overload while remaining invested in building the right kind of quality relationships that support innovation, productivity, and resilience.

Throughout 2023, the Connectivity & Collaboration Community will delve into the five outcomes critical for connected work. In this session, members will build on our curriculum and learn about the third outcome of connected work: connected leadership.

Featuring: Deb Zehner, Director of Operations and Applied Research at Connected Commons; and Kristen Cullen Lester, Assistant Professor of Management at University of Mississippi Business

Supporting Resources: Outside In: How Leaders Engage Networked Ecosystems For Team Success


  • The increasingly critical role that energizing relationships play in leadership effectiveness and the impact of its post-pandemic disappearance
  • How leaders leverage connections to build purpose, energy, and trust to earn interest, effort, and creativity
  • Why emergent innovation through open interactions in the network produces innovative solutions by tapping into a broad network early in problem solving
  • How to build purpose, energy, and trust to earn interest, effort, and creativity

Why network development should be a central part of leadership development; how to make sure it sticks


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This event is approved for certification credits.