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Choice Overload

The October meeting focused on dealing with “Choice Overload” - how organizations are helping employees (who now have even more choice in their own development) navigate through the plethora of choices they can make. The board members also discussed the planned areas of focus they have on their plates and the topics that the CLTO Board would like i4cp to research.

Below are the 3 videos that were pre-work for our meeting.  According to the market intelligence firm IDC, the average employee spends about 9.5 hours every week just hunting around for information. Our sudden pivot to remote work also exacerbated decision fatigue.  Employees were suddenly faced with making myriad new decisions daily.  It all begs the question of what the talent function could or should do to guide our employees as they pursue their development.  John Cone interviewed three of your peers about their very different approaches to the issue.  

Please note that they could take up to a minute to load, as they are large files.

Allison Horn Accenture  13:00

Brenda Sumberg EY    12:00

Joe Garbus   16:00

Also attached an article that Brenda authored a couple of years back on “Balancing Guidance With User-Driven Learning Strategies.”  

Finally, here is a short video from Kevin Martin summarizing current and planned i4cp research. 

Kevin Martin    5:10

You should not need one; but if you are asked for a pass code, use:   DeCj2.7# 

This meeting is exclusively for members of the Chief Learning & Talent Officer Board. If you'd like to participate, please contact us to see if you qualify. If you are an i4cp member, please log in to access the registration/meeting details.
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