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The Talent Imperative & the Business Case for Hybrid Work

We enjoyed a very lively discussion with a lot of information sharing from our Board members.  For your reference and to share with your teams, below is a summary of what was discussed and what is next.  

  1. We began our meeting welcoming our newest CHRO Board member, Sharawn Tipton (LiveRamp) and also a new addition to the i4cp CHRO board support team, Kari Naimon (senior research analyst at i4cp).
  2. Kevin Martin led a highly-interactive discussion about the top priorities for CHROs in 2022. These priorities were based on your responses to our December 2022 survey of this board.  Several members of the board shared insights into how they are addressing one or more of these four priorities:
    1. Enabling the organization to source skills and capability where and when needed
    2. Ensuring a consistent experience for workers across all work models
    3. Realigning and building new capability across HR
    4. Moving beyond diversity, equity, and inclusion pledges to published goals, action, and accountability
  3. Kari Naimon reviewed i4cp’s latest research on “Exploring the Business Case for Hybrid Work”.  This is a brand new i4cp study that builds on the spring 2021 i4cp study From Cube to Cloud: The Next Era of Work.  Key findings from this brand-new research include:  
    1. The business case for hybrid work is clear: Flexibility NOT Rigidity
    2. On-site workers need flexibility too
    3. Success with truly flexible work requires careful planning and targeted effort
    4. Just because your CEO said so is not a good reason

Up next:

  • After a two-year hiatus, we will be meeting in-person on March 14, 2022, in Scottsdale, AZ. This is an all-day board meeting that takes place the day before the i4cp Next Practices Now Conference – If you’d like to stay for the conference, please register here!

As always, should you have questions or want to provide any feedback about how we can improve our meetings please let me know.

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