Essential to skill-building and knowledge transfer, coaching has become a prime tool for executive leadership development, performance management, and strategy execution.

Workplace coaching initiatives are expanding rapidly, with executive coaching becoming the norm for a large segment of business leaders: Nearly half of all i4cp surveyed organizations say that they offer coaching programs. Nevertheless, recent studies have shown that coaching and mentoring are still highly underutilized in the workplace.

Coaching and mentoring

Launching any new initiative can be daunting and leadership coaching is an especially nebulous topic, with just as many ways to do it wrong as there are to do it right. However, i4cp provides guidance on how to make coaching and mentoring programs successful: gain insight into what other companies are doing with i4cp's surveys; avoid the mistakes others have made by utilizing the extensive peer network; and learn next practices with the help of i4cp's experts and thought leaders.

i4cp members use the Coaching Knowledge Center to keep a pulse on current and future practices in executive coaching (and coaching at all levels), mentoring, and succession planning. The Coaching Knowledge Center contains:

  • Executive coaching and mentoring reports and primary research findings
  • Examples of corporate strategies
  • Playbooks and executive summaries
  • Topical PowerPoint® graphics
  • Related research articles on coaching and mentoring
  • A comprehensive database of third-party research
  • Online and offline Q&A with peers at other member companies

i4cp focuses on the trends and developments that matter to help you stay ahead of the competition and perform at higher levels. Learn how i4cp can help you develop your company's coaching programs. Contact us today.

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