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About our HR executive search practice
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An innovative HR executive search firm designed for the agile organization.

As one of the most innovative HR executive search firm, we have a singular mission: to find your company HR and Talent leaders who can build agile organizations and leverage change in the marketplace. The need for agile leaders is critical, and demand for new capabilities has propelled organizations into uncharted territory.

Our practice leaders have decades of human capital search experience, and are adept at finding the right senior talent prepared to deal with continuous disruption, new technology, and evolving employee expectations. Recent placements include:

  • Chief HR Officers/Chief People Officers
  • Total Rewards leaders
  • Talent Acquisition leaders
  • Learning leaders
  • Talent Management leaders

Our search clients

We work with many of the world’s largest and most successful companies across all industries and continents to help them discover their next great HR leaders. Our search clients include:

  • McDonalds
  • Open Door
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Flex
  • WeWork
  • Fortive
  • DineBrands
  • Booz Allen Hamilton

A commitment to diversity and culture

i4cp’s research consistently shows that having a healthy, agile culture is critical in maintaining a competitive advantage, and that focusing your diversity and inclusion strategy on supporting the culture is equally important.

Using our research on innovative and inclusive leadership behaviors as a benchmark, we find diverse, agile leaders who thrive on disruption and deliver exceptional results.

How we deliver results

We believe in collaboration and communication throughout the HR executive search process.Through a consultative approach, we identify talented leaders who are best positioned to transform your organization.


  • Stakeholder meetings & calls
  • Develop position specification
  • Search strategy
  • Market research
  • Outreach calls

Refinement and outreach

  • Refinement of strategy, research & role description
  • Continued outreach
  • In-depth interviews
  • Search committee/status calls
  • Client determines regularity of calls


  • References conducted
  • Candidate feedback management
  • Facilitate offer and acceptance


  • Follow up with client and placed candidate
  • Onboarding discussions
  • Three-month & six-month follow-up with placement to ensure smooth transition

What makes us unique

At today’s pace, HR executive search firms need to adapt to rapid changes in direction and increased speed. A search must encompass multiple strategies that are executed simultaneously to deliver an ideal candidate who will be successful in the role.

Next practice research
As part of the world’s greatest producer of human capital research, we have deep insight into what high-performance organizations do differently—and the leadership capabilities that drive success. We use that research to narrow our focus and align the right talent to your organization’s needs.

A thriving network of HR leaders
Our boutique business model means we aren’t constrained by the “off-limits” restrictions that hamper large HR headhunter firms. We leverage that distinct advantage—combined with our connections to thousands of HR leaders—to find key talent other firms miss.

How we partner with i4cp members

Whether looking to launch a new HR executive search or simply need direction on the right capabilities to look for or other talent acquisition market insights, we are always happy to advise i4cp enterprise members. Here are a few ways we’ve helped recently:

  • Connected the head of talent at Kaiser and Humana to share innovative candidate experience strategies and technologies
  • Advised Booz Allen Hamilton on filling a D&I director role, and what the market looks like
  • Conducted searches for Microsoft, Wendy's, and Fortive

Your next great leader is waiting.

Contact us for more information:
Jennifer Deutsch
Jennifer Deutsch

Chief Talent Officer and Vice President, Executive Search
(914) 874-4233

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