Last Year's Featured Speakers

We haven't announced our 2023 speakers yet, but to get a sense for the stellar line-up of top business leaders, authors, academics, and thought leaders the i4cp Next Practices Now Conference is known for, see below.
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Dan Pink

About Dan Pink

Dan Pink is the author of bestsellers A Whole New Mind, Drive, To Sell Is Human, and When, which have sold millions of copies, have been translated into forty-two languages, and have won multiple awards.

Dan Pink, Best Selling Author

Charlotte Burrows

About Charlotte Burrows

Charlotte A. Burrows was designated by President Biden as Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on Jan. 20, 2021.

Charlotte Burrows, Chair of the U.S. EEOC

Alan Murray

About Alan Murray

CEO of Fortune Media, Alan oversees the business and editorial operations of the independent media company. He also writes a popular daily newsletter, the Fortune CEO Daily.

Alan Murray, Fortune Media

Amy Edmondson

About Amy Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the HBS, Amy has been recognized by the biannual Thinkers50 global ranking of management thinkers since 2011.

Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School

Dean Carter

About Dean Carter

Strategic leader of Patagonia’s human resources, finance, and legal teams, Dean’s goal is to further the company’s unique business model, providing that companies can “Do Well and Do Good.”

Dean Carter, Patagonia

Karen S. Carter

About Karen S. Carter

Karen is the CHRO and Chief Inclusion Officer for Dow. She is responsible for developing and implementing human resources policies and practices to support Dow’s global workforce.

Karen S. Carter, Dow

Jared Spataro

About Jared Spataro

As CVP of Modern Work at Microsoft, Jared is responsible for Microsoft 365, Windows, Teams and Viva. Jared has also taken a lead role in developing Microsoft’s global approach to the future of work.

Jared Spataro, Microsoft

Dawn Klinghoffer

About Dawn Klinghoffer

Dawn is the VP of the HR Business Insights team at Microsoft. Her responsibilities include advanced people analytics & research for Microsoft’s business units globally.

Dawn Klinghoffer, Microsoft

Jyoti Mehra

About Jyoti Mehra

Jyoti Mehra, Gilead's Executive Vice President of Human Resources, is responsible for leading people strategy and, together with the Gilead Leadership Team, building an inclusive and collaborative culture.

Jyoti Mehra, Gilead Sciences

Jacqui Canney

About Jacqui Canney

The Chief People Officer for ServiceNow, Jacqui leads all talent strategies for its rapidly growing global workforce of more than 14,000 employees. She formerly led HR at WPP and Walmart.

Jacqui Canney, ServiceNow

Obed Louissaint

About Obed Louissaint

The SVP of Transformation and Culture at IBM, Obed is responsible for reinventing people systems and culture to enable innovations to the marketplace quickly.

Obed Louissaint, IBM

Edie Givens

About Edie Givens

Edie Givens is the SVP, People and Organization at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Edie Givens, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Elliott Masie

About Elliott Masie

Elliott is a provocative, engaging and entertaining researcher, educator, analyst and speaker - focused on the changing world of the workplace, learning and technology.

Elliott Masie

Marie Potter

About Marie Potter

Senior Director of Culture and Development at Getty Images, Marie leads the unique combination of L&D, DE&I, and People Analytics.

Marie Potter, Getty Images

David Casey

About David Casey

David is the Senior Vice President, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer at CVS Health.

David Casey, CVS

Kristen Robinson

About Kristen Robinson

Kristen Robinson is the Chief People Officer at Splunk.

Kristen Robinson, Splunk

Lisa Buckingham

About Lisa Buckingham

Lisa is the former head of people at Lincoln Financial Group, where she oversaw all facets of HR, advertising, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Lisa Buckingham

Kelly Rooney

About Kelly Rooney

Kelly Rooney is the Vice President, People Solutions – Field Operations at Waste Management.

Kelly Rooney, Waste Management

Jackie Hunter

About Jackie Hunter

Jackie Hunter is the Senior Vice President, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at The University of Vermont Health Network.

Jackie Hunter, U. of Vermont Health Network

Bev Kaye

About Bev Kaye

Beverly Kaye's name is recognized internationally as a professional dedicated to helping people understand the practical principles of employee development, engagement and retention.

Bev Kaye

Jacqui Robertson

About Jacqui Robertson

Jacqui is an award-winning leader and culture change who serves as the global head of talent, diversity & inclusion for William Blair and chair of i4cp's CDO Board.

Jacqui Robertson, William Blair

Melissa Thompson

About Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson is the Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Ford and chair of i4cp’s Talent Acquisition Board.

Melissa Thompson, Ford

Amber Wiseley

About Amber Wiseley

Amber Wiseley is the Vice President, Global Benefits at Intel.

Amber Wiseley, Intel

Pat Wadors

About Pat Wadors

Pat Wadors is the Chief People Officer at Procore.

Pat Wadors, Procore

Christine Deputy

About Christine Deputy

Christine Deputy is the Chief People Officer at Pinterest.

Christine Deputy, Pinterest

Jennifer Budevit

About Jennifer Budevit

Jennifer Budevit is the Head of Global Learning & Development at Tiffany & Co.

Jennifer Budevit, Tiffany & Co.

Miranda Hill

About Miranda Hill

Miranda Hill is the Global Lead of Innovation at Avanade.

Miranda Hill, Avanade

LaToya Garcia

About LaToya Garcia

LaToya Garcia is the Sr. Manager DE&I Learning & Development at T-Mobile.

LaToya Garcia, T-Mobile

Rob Cross

About Rob Cross

For over a decade, Rob Cross's research, teaching and consulting has focused on applying social network analysis ideas to critical business issues for actionable insights and bottom-line results.

Rob Cross, Babson College

John Boudreau

About John Boudreau

John Boudreau is recognized for breakthrough research on human capital, talent, and sustainable competitive advantage. His latest focus is on reinventing jobs by applying automation to work.

John Boudreau

Mark Englizian

About Mark Englizian

Mark is an adviser to the CHRO at Peloton and chair of i4cp's Up Next Cohort. He formerly was the CHRO at Walgreens and Global Leader for Total Rewards at Amazon.

Mark Englizian, Adviser to Peloton

Recent Speakers

We're proud to have connected attendees with some of the most forward-looking and innovative thinkers and executives.
Dr. Brené Brown

About Brené Brown

Brown is the author of four #1 New York Times bestsellers: The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, and Braving the Wilderness.

Dr. Brené Brown

Dan Pink

About Dan Pink

Pink is the acclaimed author of #1 New York Times bestsellers Drive and To Sell is Human.

Dan Pink

Patty McCord

About Patty McCord

Patty McCord, former chief talent officer of Netflix, brings the Silicon Valley concepts of fresh ideas and innovation and applies them to rethinking the way we work.

Patty McCord

Dan Price

About Dan Price

Dan Price is the CEO of Gravity Payments. Honored as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014, he earned international recognition for increasing the minimum wage for his workforce to $70,000.

Dan Price

John Boudreau

About John Boudreau

John Boudreau is recognized for breakthrough research on human capital, talent, and sustainable competitive advantage. His latest focus is on reinventing jobs by applying automation to work.

John Boudreau

Tom Rath

About Tom Rath

Tom Rath is an author and researcher who has spent the past two decades studying how work can improve human health and well-being. His 10 books have sold more than 10 million copies.

Tom Rath, Bestselling Author

Diane Gherson

About Diane Gherson

As former CHRO at IBM, Diane shaped a culture of continuous learning, innovation and agility. She has also digitally transformed the HR function, incorporating AI and automation across all offerings.

Diane Gherson, IBM

Marshall Goldsmith

About Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall is ranked the world’s #1 executive coach and is the only person to be honored twice by Thinkers50 as the top-ranked Leadership Thinker in the World.

Marshall Goldsmith

Tameika Pope

About Tameika Pope

Tameika Pope is the Chief Human Capital Officer of the United States Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., also known as the U.S. Central Bank.

Tameika Pope